Thanks for visiting my portfolio site.
I am a nature photographer based in Toronto, Canada.
I seek to capture the beauty of nature as I see it.
This site contains a series of collections of my work.

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." - Joseph Campbell
Fine art prints of all photos are available for purchase by custom orders only at this time.

Prints are available in the following sizes:
8 x12 inches, $50.00 CAD per print.
12 x 18 inches, $100.00 CAD per print.
16 x 24 inches, $150.00 CAD per print.
24 x 36 inches, $200.00 CAD per print.
If there is an interest in ordering prints in other sizes please let me know.
If there are photos of mine that you have seen but on this site, just let me know. Prints of all of my work is available for purchase.
Here are the urls for my Instagram and 500px profiles:
All photos can be purchased as prints only at this time.
If you have an interest in having the photo framed as well let  me know and I can provide a quote on the cost.
If you are interested in placing an order please visit the Ordering Prints section of the site.

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